Humboldt Transit Authority awarded 17.5 million in grant funds.

Posted on: April 26, 2023

Humboldt Transit Authority awarded 17.5 million in grant funds.

Project: Expanding Transit Service and Growing Zero-Emission Fleets on California’s North Coast.

This project will deploy 4 battery electric buses on the Yurok Tribal Transit Service for two routes,

including a dial-a-ride service for tribal members, providing key connections to the statewide transit and rail system. The routes will be operated by the Yurok Tribe and provide service from Orleans to Willow Creek through the Karuk, Yurok, and Hoopa Tribal lands.

The awardee will also deploy 6 zero-emission vehicles on an existing Redwood Coast Transit intercity route to Arcata, extend service into Eureka, and construct a new transit center in Crescent City.

Importantly, this will leverage a previous TIRCP award by integrating an existing route and expand service to the new Eureka Regional Transit and Housing Center, which was the subject of a Cycle 5 TIRCP award.

Lastly, the project will design and pilot a prototype over-the-road fuel cell electric coach in an effort to more permanently address the challenges posed with operating zero-emission long-distance routes.