How to Ride

1. Find your route

Humboldt Transit makes it easy find the best route. To plan your trip, you can use our homepage trip planner or Transit on your phone for detailed trip instructions. Check out our system map to view all our routes and find schedule information.

2. Buy your fare

There are three ways to pay your fare:

  • Purchase discounted multi-ride or monthly passes on the fares page, onboard the bus, or at the Humboldt Transit Authority office
  • Use the Token Transit app on your mobile device
  • Pay on the bus with exact change

3. Catch the bus

Try to arrive at your bus stop early. Transit App’s “GO” feature will tell you when to leave to make sure you get there in time. If paying cash, have your fare ready with exact change. As the bus approaches, make sure to stand up and signal the driver to stop.

Other Information

Passenger Conduct and Rules
Bring your bike with you
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How to Ride – In English

Cómo Abordar el Camión de Humboldt Transit Authority – en Español