Site Credits


This site was built and is hosted by Trillium Solutions, Inc and utilizes the WordPress CMS and is subject to Trillium’s hosted website privacy policy.

The Google Transit Trip Planner and many other third-party apps are powered by GTFS data created and edited in GTFS Manager.

The Interactive Map displays the transit routes and stops via the same GTFS data, and map tiles are from OpenStreetMap.

The HTML timetables were created using GTFS-to-HTML, an open-source application developed by BlinkTag.

Developer Data

Humboldt Transit Authority provides information about its transit services (i.e. schedules, stop locations, route alignments, fares, and calendars) in an industry-standard General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) format. This information is managed by Trillium Solutions, Inc. and is published here:

GTFS Real-Time

GTFS Real-Time (GTFS-RT) information is available through Swiftly, Inc. API’s. You can submit a request access keys by using the following link: API Key Request.