Request for Proposals for Project 23-01 to Design and Build a Hydrogen Refueling Station

Background and Context

Humboldt Transit Authority (HTA) has been planning for a zero emission fleet transition since 2017. HTA envisions the successful bidder will develop a fueling station that HTA can grow into to successfully achieve the target fleet transition identified in the Zero Emission Bus Rollout Plan v1.0. In addition, the successful bidder will support HTA’s vision of catalyzing a hydrogen fuel supply chain on the North Coast, and advancing medium and heavy duty vehicle technology development and testing.

Some key milestones leading up to this RFP include the following:

  • 2018: Procurement of first battery electric bus;
  • 2020: HTA completed a Battery Electric Bus Feasibility Study;
  • 2021: HTA completed a Comparative Analysis of Electric and Hydrogen Transit Fleets;
  • 2021: HTA Board authorized staff to pursue grant funding for zero emission infrastructure and buses;
  • 2022: The Humboldt County Association of Governments (HCAOG) completed the 2022-2042 Regional Transportation Plan which identifies the following related regional targets:
    • 100% of public buses and school buses are zero emission by 2030;
    • Each governmental agency starts converting fleet vehicles to zero-emission by 2022, with interim targets to meet the State’s 2035 goals:
      • 25% of public fleet passenger cars, SUVs, and forklifts are zero-emission by 2025, and 50% by 2030, and
      • 30% of public fleet medium-duty and pick-up trucks are zero-emission by 2030;
    • 100% of public fleet work vehicles are zero emission by 2036;
    • In Humboldt County, by 2024 hydrogen fuel is available for public transit and long-haul commercial fleet vehicles, with green hydrogen fuel available as much and as soon as possible;
    • In Humboldt County, by 2030 there is sufficient hydrogen fueling infrastructure and green hydrogen fuel available to enable inter-county travel of medium and heavy-duty fuel-cell EVs;
  • 2022: HTA won a Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program (TIRCP) Cycle 5 grant to, in part, procure eleven fuel cell electric buses, construct a hydrogen fueling station, and operate a new intercity route between Eureka and Ukiah with fuel cell electric buses. The fueling station is to provide both in-yard fleet fueling and over-the-fence public fueling;
  • 2023: HTA won a TIRCP Cycle 6 grant to develop a prototype fuel cell electric over-the-road coach;
  • 2023: HTA Board approved the Zero Emission Bus Rollout Plan v1.0 which targets a 100% hydrogen fleet by 2040.
  • 2023: HTA released a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Project 23-01

RFP Materials

Through this RFP, HTA will procure a Design-Build Contractor to construct the Hydrogen Refueling Station. Only Respondents who are included on the Qualified Bidders List for Project 23-01 are eligible to bid on this RFP.